Exploring New Arrivals at Wallector: The Artistry of Olga Lomaka and Emmett Graham

Posted on: October, 11, 2023
2 min hours

Wallector is excited to present two remarkable artists whose works are currently gracing our virtual walls. Olga Lomaka and Emmett Graham bring their unique perspectives and creative expressions to the forefront, offering art enthusiasts a captivating journey through their artistic worlds.

Let’s delve into the backgrounds and inspirations of these two exceptional artists.

Olga Lomaka, Meditating Chanel

Emmett Graham: The Journey from Marine Corps to Artistic Expression

Emmett Graham, a Mexican-American Marine Corps Veteran hailing from Colorado, now resides in Arizona, where he has embarked on a remarkable artistic journey. After his dedicated service in the Marine Corps, Graham took up the mantle of an artist and honed his skills through a two-year Atelier Workshop at the Scottsdale Artists’ School. He furthered his artistic education by earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Arizona State University.

Graham’s artistic philosophy is deeply rooted in his desire to capture the nature and perception of others through his creations. His works reflect duality, often exploring contrasting elements such as day and night, light and darkness. His meticulous process involves using brushes and rags to apply an oil paint grayscale foundation before layering on multiple thin coats of color, painstakingly detailing even the smallest aspects of his artwork. The result is a harmonious blend of contrasting elements that contribute to the overall narrative of his pieces.

Emmett Graham, Divine Light

Olga Lomaka: A Multi-Disciplinary Maestro of Modern Art

Olga Lomaka, a British multi-disciplinary artist and the founder of ‘Lomaka Gallery,’ is a force to be reckoned with in the art world. Her innovative approach seamlessly combines traditional techniques with modern methods, resulting in a body of work that transcends conventional boundaries.

One of the hallmarks of Lomaka’s artistic repertoire is her ability to incorporate pop-art, recognizable imagery, and consumerist symbols into her creations. These elements intertwine with contrasting beliefs, creating a thought-provoking and visually stimulating experience for viewers.

Lomaka’s pieces have been featured at prestigious art events, including Art Basel Miami, the Venice Biennale, and The Royal Academy of Arts. Her accolades include the esteemed ‘Best Contemporary Artist of the Year’ award from Phillips Auction House in London, a testament to her enduring impact on the art world.

Olga Lomaka, Screaming Koons

The arrival of Olga Lomaka and Emmett Graham’s artworks at Wallector is a testament to our commitment to showcasing diverse and exceptional talent. These two artists, each with their unique backgrounds, perspectives, and creative processes, offer a rich tapestry of artistic expression for our viewers to explore.

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