A Fantastic Journey in Salvador Dalí’s Surrealist Bestiary

Posted on: July, 12, 2023
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Salvador Dalí was one of the leading figures of the surrealist movement. He was particularly fascinated by the subconscious mind and used dreamlike imagery to express this fascination. Throughout his career, Dalí produced a wide range of works in various media, including painting, sculpture, and film.

Dalì series Le Bestiaire de La Fontaine Dalinisé, which reinterprets La Fontaine’s fables, has just landed on Wallector. 

Salvador Dalì, The Coach and the Flies

New Arrival: Le Bestiaire de La Fontaine Dalinisé 

The Le Bestiaire de La Fontaine Dalinisé (La Fontaine’s Bestiary Dalinized) series is a stunning collection of 12 drypoint and pochoir prints on strong paper, created by Salvador Dalí. This series is based on Jean de La Fontaine’s famous book of fables, “Le Bestiaire,” which features tales of animals and their anthropomorphic behavior that offer moral lessons to the reader.

Salvador Dalí was intrigued by the world of La Fontaine’s Fables and in his series, Le Bestiaire de La Fontaine Dalinisé, he reimagines the animal characters in his unique and surreal style. Dalí’s interpretation of these tales is characterized by his signature surrealist style and intricate detailing, as he transforms each animal into a complex and fantastical creature.

Overall, Le Bestiaire de La Fontaine Dalinisé is a testament to Salvador Dalí’s skill and imagination as an artist, and offers a unique interpretation of classic fables that is both visually stunning and thought-provoking.

Salvador Dalì, The Elephant and the Jupiter's Monkey

Why Dalí and Surrealism Remain in Demand in the Art Market

In recent reports, it was observed that the demand for Surrealist works in the art market remains steady, even during the global pandemic (Artsy Market Report, Artprice The Art Market). The trend was particularly evident with international sales of Surrealist artworks, which recorded a remarkable boost in value in 2020. One of the driving forces behind this trend is the interest in the art of Salvador Dalí. 

One of the important features behind Surrealism’s popularity in the art market is its ability to connect with an audience on a deep and emotional level. The movement has always been about exploring the human psyche and our experiences of the world around us. As society becomes increasingly complex and uncertain, this connection is more important than ever.

Salvador Dalì, The Horse that Wanted Revenge on the Stag

Le Bestiaire de La Fontaine Dalinisé is a fascinating collection that showcases the surreal and imaginative world of Salvador Dalí. Even though the collection is lesser-known, it remains an important part of his artistic legacy.

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